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DeepTechFM 114 – Christauff (2015-07-02)


Episode 114 of DeepTechFM featuring your host, Christauff, aired July 2, 2015. The DeepTechFM podcast broadcasts every Thursday on www.DERadio.ca from 09:00–11:00 (-8 GMT). DeepTechFM showcases beautiful beats, emotional sets, and the very best of new underground dance music, brought to you weekly by Christauff in Washington, DC. The two hour show features guest artists and DJs and focuses on the deeper, techier sounds encompassing deep house (writ large), tech house and bass music, with a smattering of nu disco, UK house & garage, and occasionally salted with some dubstep… obviously not a genre, but more a vibe and style.

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DeepTech.fm 114 – Christauff (2015-07-02)


  1. Lane 8, Patrick Baker – Ghost feat. Patrick Baker (Lane 8 Rework) [Anjunadeep]
  2. Third Son – Sirens (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  3. Ten Walls – Sparta (Original Mix) [BOSO]
  4. Fabricio Pecanha – Push It (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  5. Waifs & Strays – Running Dat (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  6. Catz ‘n Dogz – I Can Do Anything (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
  7. Catz ‘n Dogz – Killing With Kindness Feat. Phat Kat (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
  8. Demuja – Come Along (Original Mix) [Food Music]
  9. What So Not – High You Are (Motez Remix) [OWSLA]
  10. Cera Alba, Leftwing, Kody – Rupture (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  11. No Twin – Chatterbox (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  12. Pat Lok, Desiree Dawson – All In My Head feat. Desiree Dawson (SYRE Remix) [Love & Other]
  13. CLASSIXX, Karl Dixon – Into the Valley feat. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix) [Bargrooves]
  14. Phil Gerus – Ain’t Nobody (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  15. Max Chapman – Inside (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  16. Jonny Cade, Aisha Zoe – Save the Records (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  17. Ten Story – Something Happens (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  18. Cristoph – Don’t Go (Original Mix) [MadTech]
  19. Playless – Hurt (Sean Roman Remix) [Love & Other]
  20. Vhyce – Be The Same (Original Mix) [Food Music]
  21. Bordertown – All This Before (Vocal Mix) [MadTech]
  22. Josh Butler, Marck Jamz – Captivate (Original Mix)
  23. Sasha – Ether (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
  24. Breach – Anna Love (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
  25. Breach – Purple (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
  26. Breach- Dim Sum (Original Mix) [Aus Music]

DeepTech.fm 083 – Christauff (2014-06-05) [Driving Deep Bass Tech House]

DeepTechFM 083

This is Episode 083 of DeeptechFM featuring your host Christauff aired June 5, 2014 and broadcast every Thursday on www.DERadio.ca from 09:00 – 11:00 (-8 GMT). DeepTechFM showcases beautiful beats, emotional sets, and the very best deep underground deep tech house, future bass and garage brought to you by Christauff in Washington, DC. The two hour show features guest artists and DJs and focuses on a deeper, trippier tech house sound… not really a genre, more a vibe and style.

Groovy, in a word, was what I was going for, and not in that 70s sense of the word. Sometimes, a set just needs pacing. So this show is about driving, groovier and bassy deep tech house. There is a lot of bass music and UK/nu house in this set.


DeepTech.fm 083 – Christauff (2014-06-05) [Driving Deep Bass Tech House]


  1. Bearight, Solangi – Shake It Down (Original Mix)[Pets Recordings]
  2. Huxley – Take No More (Original Mix) [Believe Housecrate]
  3. Jaymo & Andy George – Tales from the Basement (Original Mix) [Moda Black]
  4. Peace Division – Club Therapy (Dan Ghenacia Remix)[Dogmatik Records]
  5. Aster – Cielo (Bicep Remix 2) [Hivern Disc]
  6. Waze & Odyssey – Dance, Yeah How (Original Mix)[This Is Music – More Music]
  7. Jurgen Driessen, Baggy Bukaddor – Hold the Newspaper (Original Mix) [Plusminus]
  8. Orazio Fantini – The Music (Kindimmer Moody Remix)[Deep Series]
  9. Sirus Hood – Bad Boy (Shiba San Remix) [Sleazy G][
  10. Shiba San – Westside Connection (Original Mix) [Sleazy G]
  11. Lokiboi – Late Reaction (Original Mix) [Somethinksounds]
  12. Low Steppa – It’s The Way (Bluford Duck Remix) [Deep 8]
  13. Zenbi – We Believe in Melody (Filthy Rich Remix)[Blend it Records (DJ Center)]
  14. David Penn – A Different Story (D.Ramirez Fully Analog Remix) [Toolroom Records]
  15. Juanmy.R – Crazy Devil (Original Mix) [Natura Viva]
  16. Nikola Baytala, Myles Egner – Zero S (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) [Pets Records]
  17. Tom Flynn & Shadow Child – Drive Hero (Original Mix) [Deleted Records]
  18. D.Ramirez – Tease Machine (Original Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
  19. Bonetti – My House Of Neglect (Original Mix) [Piston Records]
  20. Bise – Road (Rene Amesz Remix) [System Recordings]
  21. Stop File – Moment Of Silence (Nathan Barato Dixon Cider Box Remix) [KD Music]
  22. Luca M, Redondo, JUST2 – Lavette (Original Mix)[Get Funky Music]
  23. JP Chronic, Allonymous – Walk Men (Supernova Remix)[Chronovision Ibiza]
  24. SQL – Surrender (Original Mix) [Gem Records]